Op 3 en 4 december in SM Studio Almere: Madame Eva-Liliel Black

Madame Eva-Liliel Black uit Berlijn komt ook naar SM Studio Nederland om in Almere bij SM Studio Almere enkele dagen te ontvangen.

Vast meer weten en of foto’s zien? Dat kan via haar eigen website en haar Twitterkanaal.

Madame Eva-Liliel Black stelt haarzelf voor

Voor degenen die haar nog niet kennen, in onderstaande tekst stelt ze haarzelf.

Things I like, things I might do and things I definitely do not do.

The Mix of Devine and Evil in the exactly right amount of both. Comfortable in my own skin, confident about my choices. Very easy going, humorous and respectful which I also expect from you. I have no problems adhering to your playbook, however I have thousands of scenarios in my head in case you are having troubles to think of one. I am a very passionate Domme and playing with me is a very intense experience. Highly empathic and strongly believe that every human being needs a personal approach and knowing my ways to do so. Oh, and I am quite a sadist. I am loving to see big boys cry and beg me for mercy.

Madame Eva-Liliel Black haar kinks

Onderstaande zijn de kinks van Madame Eva-Lilie Black, waar ze plezier en ruime vaardigheden in heeft.

  • Discipline education & Slave training (from beginners to advanced)
  • Bondage & Shibari
  • Breath control
  • Face slapping
  • CBT
  • Impact play (specifically Flogging and spanking)
  • Spitting, verbal humiliation and all other sorts of humiliation
  • Latex and rubber play
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Forced feminization / Sissy play
  • Foot worship
  • Trampling
  • Pet play