Mrs Louisa von Luxe vandaag woensdag t/m vrijdag in Nederland! Een Lady met vele voorkeuren en weinig taboe’s

Van 18 t/m 20 september is Meesteres Louisa von Luxe in Nederland, om precies te zijn bij SM Studio Almere. Deze Duitse Top Domina stelt haarzelf voor in onderstaande tekst.

En wil je met haar afspreken? Gebruik dan haar contactgegevens om (in het Duits of Engels) een afspraak met haar te maken via +49 1525-6250805 of [email protected]. En zie haar website voor meer info:

Louisa von Luxe stelt haarzelf voor: 

“I am an experienced exclusive Lady with many preferences and a few taboos. In the context of a wide range of bizarre game variants, you are experiencing with me sensual erotic, enthusiastic passion, authentic dominance and perverse obscenities with a touch of sadism. Mutual respect, sensual pleasure, your trust and my passion are the basis of our lustful game.

As a passionate role player, I am no stranger to a role. Whoever you wanna be: servant, patient, victim, object, student, slave, seat cushions, horse, maid, baby, prisoner, spittoon, sissy, bitch, toilet …. – you’re at my mercy and play ball of my desires. I torture you with my bizarre fantasies and enjoy it, as you expire successively. Just the thought of that you belong to me – fills me with deep lust. I also like to play with your lust or your lust pain. I entice, betray, bind and seduce you with my feminine charms – while in the next moment I withdraw all affection and attention from you. I enjoy formal to let you stew in your hot juices to rob you of your senses.

As an experimental crosser, I like to play at the limit. Above all, it tempts me to transport your deepest longings and corrupt, perhaps even perverse fantasies to the surface. Within legal limits, you can also most unusual desires live out with me and realize. Whatever I play or do with you, I have the ambition that we both experience an exciting, sincere and mutually satisfying session.
I’m a creative performer – an encounter with me is extraordinary, very individual, unique …. simply different. I’m versatile, unpredictable, extroverted, consistently, with a penchant for the extreme. Live with me your bizarre fantasies … I expect you ….”